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Introduction to Life Size Adult Dolls

When you look at it from a logical standpoint, the life size adult dolls should be a standard item in home entertainment - no different than the computer or the TV, or the library. Calling these items Sex Dolls or Love Dolls is like calling a Harley-Davidson a moped. Those names can be reserved for the blow up dolls of yesteryear...the ones that became instant whoopie cushions on first usage. These dolls go far beyond addressing primal desires. (Additional Info: WIP opens new window)

tasha goldman

What’s that?  You think a realistic life-sized doll is degrading to women?


Then let me ask you this - Is the common dildo a degradation to men?  Dildos are generally larger in that area, and men don’t usually vibrate.  Men should feel degraded, yet dildos are widely accepted.  Of course there are male dolls and sex toys for women as well, however, I have not noticed negativity from the male gender on these items.  And for that matter, what do you think a man is visualizing when he is masturbating with his hand. I am sure it is not how sexy his hand looks! I should know -- I am a man.


Let's face it, 'equal rights’' does not mean identical needs. Men and women are not the same, especially when it comes to sex and relationships. Of course we are talking in a statistical sense. There will always be exceptions and trends. That is part of the evolutionary process. For the most part, men are more visual than women when it comes to sexual stimulation. They can detach sex from romance or emotional entanglement. Men can live in the moment and then move on without hesitation. That is the way of many species on our planet.




Logic would see the doll as the highest and most stimulating of all masturbation devices available.  But unlike other sex toys, the doll can be much more.  It can be a full bodied fantasy playmate - a Role Playing Game in 3d, or the closest thing to a holodeck available.  If used properly a doll offers many benefits - no risk of disease, no emotional entanglements, sexual release and gratification, stimulation of the creative mind and even exercise. 

There are as many different reasons to own dolls as there are to own cars - photography, companionship, collectables and entertainment.

There are many out there who do not have close personal relationships and these dolls can help to fill the resulting void, until (or if) they are lucky enough to meet a compatible partner.

As is with all material things, however, some people will suffer from addictions or illusions.  Mind you, my lengthy research has shown that the majority of owners are neither addicted nor do they have any illusions as to what they have.  Most, if the opportunity arises, would gladly give up their dolls for a human companion.  And why wouldn’t they?

Owning a life-size adult doll is not an effortless process.  It takes a lot of work.


Dave_C from Doll Forum Doll Album

The doll does not bath or wash her own hair.  She does not dress herself or buy her own clothes.  Indeed, a doll owner enters into a very committed relationship with his doll by being all she is not – human. He brushes her hair and dresses her. He is her arms and legs. Perhaps a lifesize doll could be compared to living with a quadriplegic.  She is unable to help you lift her into a wheelchair (often used by owners to move them around). Some of these dolls weigh over 100 pounds and can be quite a chore to move around. 
johnb Unlike a human companion, a doll is also unable to provide loving words and share her thoughts, or go out on the town. She can provide peaceful and gentle moments, allowing owners to contemplate and reflect. Perhaps a surrogate companion helps to induce more sensitivity and perception? These are good qualities that contribute to better relationships.
Why bother giving up your doll for a relationship, when you can have the best of both worlds. A doll can fulfill a spouse's fetishes, without having to risk the possibly devastating emotional involvement of a third person. She can provide a sexual outlet if one is not available due to travel or health.. The doll may be a saving grace to some women who find themselves 'naturally winding down' while their husbands are still full of sexual energy and desire. Sex dolls have saved marriages by providing an option for sexual release without having to look outside the home or the relationship, which so often happens.   The relationship my wife and I share has grown only stronger since the arrival of dolls into our marriage.  Perhaps, less owing to the doll itself and more owing to my wife’s acceptance.  She does not attempt to repress or conform my sexuality to something I am not. I can fulfill my physical needs and act out my fantasies with my substitute playmate without fear of discovery.  She does not have to fear my straying from our home in search of stimulation.  I love my wife all the more for it, and she loves me. And when we hug, it is stronger than before, because I have learned that for my wife, there is no substitute.


Written from the point of logic, the purpose of this article is not to solicit endorsement, but simply to broaden understanding on the use of life size adult dolls.

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This website is here to support a documentary and contains information on life size adult dolls. It allows for user interaction via our forum.  Whether you approve or disapprove, like or dislike, own or not own a doll, this website welcomes you and your comments.

We only ask that you consider your words before you write them, in the spirit of live and let live.

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Note: Midiman is a composite character representing numerous doll owners interviewed by David Hockey. Midiman's opinions and experiences do not necessarily reflect that of David Hockey.

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